May 232011

MailReach – Direct Mail Manager is a web application that, as the name suggest, allows you to manage sending direct mail to potential customers. The app database contains millions of addresses (not available in this showcase, please contact Information Tracking Solutions, if you would like to utilize the application) together with few attributes such as income level, education level … etc. The user purchase a batch of 200 letters to be sent to prospective clients, based on zip code, income level and age group. The addresses are then reserved for this purchasor, and the letters are sent out on time. These addresses are then made unavailable to other purchasers for about 3 months to avoid sending similar letters to the same prospects.

I developed this application using PHP, MySql, JQuery, Ajax and the DataTable plugin. Please notice how the application is “Geo-aware” and is able to find addresses in and near a provided zip code.

Try the app: MailReach.
User id: louis, pw: louis, if you want to try it all the way to “check out” , use number 121212 for the credit card number.

Apr 232011 allows individuals as well as car dealers to post info and photos of their cars for sale. A developer created this website using WordPress.  It was developed with individual users in mind, so it was only possible to hand key one car’s info at a time. Later, the site owner wanted to allow car dealers to upload their cars info in bulk  and to update the info as often as necessary. My role was to create the file format and the  routines to allow that. A cron job runs nightly and either use FTP, or directly connect to the dealer’s server and read the data and upload it to

Skills: FTP, Cron, PHP and MySql.

Try the life website:

Jan 292011

This project was going to be a full fledged PURL manager. However, the company that requested it found a ready made program that does exactly what they asked me to do. So the application made it only half way to where you can manage affiliates, clients and prospects. The PURL part didn’t make it. If you try the application, you will see sample date displayed in grids. I used jqGrid, a jQuery plugin to create these grids. You will be able to search, add, delete and edit the data as you wish.

Skills: PHP, MySql, jQuery and jqGrid.

Try the Demo: Purl Manager  id: admin, pw: admin